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Common Dublin Roofing Problems you shouldn’t ignore

Before we begin discussing some of the more common problems that will likely affect a Dublin roof at some stage in the property's lifetime, it’s important to state that roofs should only be repaired by specialist contractors.

You should never attempt to repair a roof on your own. Furthermore, hiring a cheaper, less reputable roofing contractor may very well save you money in the short term. However, it's all but inevitable that you’ll eventually spend more in having to fix shoddy workmanship than you would have if you invested money in a quality roofing company – like pro fix roofing – at the beginning.

Finally, by undertaking some annual roof maintenance, including gutter cleaning and cracked tile replacement, you can keep a roof healthy and functional for longer.

Now that we’ve got the above out of the way let’s talk about some of the common problems with roofs. It’s always important to remember that no roofing issue should be ignored. Issues with a roof never just go away, in fact, they can quickly compound and cause more damage if not promptly addressed.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Roof Leak

Let’s start with the obvious. One of the most common roof issues is a leak. These leaks usually start with a tiny gap developing between tiles. Initially, at least these leaks can be hard to spot. After all, it’s unlikely a torrent of water will enter the property and water may not even drip. Instead, moisture will seep slowly into the building. If left undetected, this moisture can cause untold damage to everything from the roof's structure to the building’s internal electrics.

Some of the common signs of a leak is a wet spot forming on the ceiling or a dark stain that continues to grow. Once this stain is identified we recommend going into the attic and trying to find the stain. When you’re in the attic you may be able to feel the moisture and access the level of damage. Even if you can’t get into the attic we recommend getting in contact with a roofing repair specialist as soon as possible. Most roof leaks can be repaired quickly and cheaply – if identified on time.

Missing, Loose or Torn Shingles

After a period of bad weather – particularly strong winds – or after walking on a roof or if the shingles weren’t installed properly, roof shingles may become damaged, loose or fall off completely. Shingles allow moisture to begin seeping into the property. One missing shingle well inevitable to lead to more shingles either falling off or becoming loose. Therefore it’s highly recommended that a property owner visually inspects their roof to make sure all shingles are present and in their correct position.

Gutter Issues

It’s all too easy to neglect your gutters. However, this oversight can cost a homeowner a significant amount in the long run. Broken gutters or gutters where water pools can lead to the degrading of a roof and exacerbating leaks. What’s more, when water isn't led away from a property it can begin to pool around the base of the building.

At best this pooling can lead to soggy muddy gardens. At worst this moisture can seep down to the property's foundations and begin eroding the concrete base. As you would expect, this will be extremely expensive to repair. Regular gutter maintenance and cleaning is an absolute must for any property owner.

Moss Growth

As unsightly as it is potentially damaging, moss growth on roofs is extremely common, but it still should be addressed as soon as possible. Moss typically grows on shaded areas of the roof. The roots of moss grow in-between shingles and can break the sealant, damaged sealant will lead to leaks. It's very important to address a moss issue as soon as it's identified to prevent widespread leaks and broken shingles.

The above are just some of the many issues that can affect a roof. If you have any concerns about the integrity of your property’s roof, please call our roofing Dublin company today. We can offer free quotes on everything from repairs to new roof builds.

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