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The roof is one of the most important parts of your building, and so hiring expert roofing contractors in Dublin is imperative to the job being done properly. When you call us here at Pro Fix Roofing, you know you are calling on professionals who are there to work with you in building or repairing your roof.

If you are unsure how much your roof will cost, don't be shy to give us a call. We are here to discuss everything with you from the materials that will be used to how long it will take, and we offer free estimates with no deposit required.

As well, we have an office located on the north side of Dublin city and the south side of Dublin city for the convenience of our clients.

Ready to have our professional roofing contractors in Dublin working on your roof? Call us today!

Roofing Repairs

Repairing a roof may seem costly but when you compare it to replacing a roof, the cost seems minimal. It is always a good idea to repair any damage that is done as soon as possible so that it does not create a bigger problem which would then mean having to replace your whole roof.

The most common repairs we see as roofing contractors in Dublin are leaks, and this is not a problem you want festering. This is why we offer emergency services; for those repairs that just can't wait.

There are many different ways that leaks can happen, and rarely will it be from a hole that goes directly through your roof that you can look through. Instead, if your roof has not been installed properly or is older and worn down, water can seep into loose seams and begin to drip on the inside. You may notice that leaks are more common around roof fixtures like chimneys, vents, and skylights.

Another problem we see often is damage to roof valleys. These built-in gutter-like areas on the roof are meant to take the water down to your drainpipes and are lined with either flashing or vinyl. Damage to these areas usually comes from the lifting of nearby shingles, by fungus building up, or by heavy rain - something common here in Ireland.

When you notice any damage to your roof, don't wait to contact us here at Pro Fix Roofing.

Have a roof in need of repair? Don’t hesitate to call our roofing contractors in Dublin today.

FAQ on Roofs From Roofing Contractors in Dublin

Do I need to replace my whole roof if I have a leak?

Having a leak is never good, however, you don’t need to replace your whole roof due to a leak. When you call Pro Fix Roofing, we will be able to inspect your roof to see how much damage has been done, and how much we need to repair.

How long does a roof last, typically?

The average life expectancy of a roof is about 20 years. Of course, this all depends on a number of factors which we can discuss when you get in touch with us.

What will a new roof cost?

The cost of a new roof depends on multiple factors including the size of the project, the materials we will be using, the type of roof you want installed, and more. We offer free estimates, so please don’t be shy to call us today and have a chat!

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