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Problems with your flat roof? Call the professionals at Pro Fix Roofing today.

Flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular as they can give a modern, sophisticated finish to a home. However, if you want yours done right then calling in the flat roof specialists in Dublin at Pro Fix Roofing is your best bet.

Although they are called flat, flat roofs usually actually have a pitch between 1 and 10 degrees. This means that it does look horizontal, but it has a bit of a slope to it. We do this so that water can run off the roof and prevent any unwanted damage or leaking.

Flat roofs are most commonly seen on commercial buildings. This can be due to many different reasons, but mainly it is because a sloped roof is unsuitable for buildings of that size. Though now we are seeing flat roofs on many family homes too. A reason for this is the added outdoor space that it can give the homeowners.

At Pro Fix Roofing, we work with multiple types of flat roofing materials. When we come to inspect your property, we will discuss the best options for the flat roof and where to go from there.

Looking for flat roof specialists in Dublin? Contact us today.

Maintaining Your Flat Roof

Maintenance of your flat roof is extremely important in maximising its lifespan. Whether this is the roof of your business or your home, here are some tips for maintaining your flat roof that our flat roof specialists in Dublin suggest.

You will want to check your roof at least twice a year, every 6 months. This way you can take note of any seasonal changes happening to the roof, and you should be able to spot any issues before they become a large problem.

As often as possible you should remove debris on the roof like leaves, twigs, or any build-ups of dirt. When you let these things collect on the roof, it can block gutters and create an area for water to pool which can then lead to a leak in your roof. As well, you want to take care of any surrounding trees and keep them trimmed which will lower the amount of debris falling onto your roof.

Lastly, always do an internal check of the ceiling too. Check for any water stains that could be caused by external damage.

Want more tips on maintaining your flat roof? Call the flat roof specialists in Dublin at Pro Fix Roofing today.

FAQ about Flat Roofs from Flat Roof Specialists in Dublin

Do flat roofs leak more?

No, flat roofs do not more than your usual pitched roof. When you have your flat roof installed properly with the experts here at Pro Fix Roofing, your flat roof has the same chance of leaking as a normal pitched roof.

How long do flat roofs last?

When you have your flat roof installed properly, it can last up to 30 years.

Can I put shingles on my flat roof?

No, shingles are not a good option for a flat roof. Shingles are not sealed, so if they are used on a flat roof there will be leaking.

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