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When you need emergency roofers in Dublin, please get in contact with Pro Fix Roofing today.

Pro Fix Roofing offers clients emergency roofing in Dublin. Our team of roofers are available to quickly respond to issues like storm damage, leaks, missing or cracked tiles or missing shingles.
Unfortunately, due to the nature of roofs, even relatively minor damage can quickly get worse. Seeping water can transform into a leak and a leak can cause untold damage to everything from a building's internal wiring to wooden support beams. With this in mind, it’s vitally important to address even small roof damage as quickly as possible. Our emergency roofers are therefore able to respond to issues quickly and effectively. We make every effort to get to your property, diagnose the problem and offer immediate remedial action as efficiently as possible.

For additional information on our Emergency Roofing in Dublin Services,
get in contact with Pro Fix Roofing today.

The Advantages of our Emergency Roofing Dublin Service


As a local, family-run roofing company we understand the distress an issue with a roof can have on a household. That’s why we do our utmost to respond to issues as soon as possible. If you require an emergency roofing issue addressed immediately please call us today.


We have been fitting, maintaining and repairing Dublin roofs for decades. This experience allows our emergency roofers to diagnose issues quickly and therefore take swift remedial action. We ensure small issues are dealt with before they become larger problems.


As stated issues with roofs can quickly become much larger problems if not addressed quickly and correctly. Even in an emergency, clients should expect the highest level of professionalism from Pro Fix Roofing.

For additional information on our extensive emergency roofing services in Dublin
get in contact with our team today.

Emergency Roofer Dublin FAQ

What type of roofing emergencies can Pro Fix Roofing respond to?

We have the experience and expertise to respond to all types of roofing emergencies. From roof leaks to missing tiles to issues with flashing, we can both diagnose and repair issues quickly and effectively.

Do you respond to roofing emergencies in commercial and domestic properties?

Yes, we have experience on a variety of roofing types in both domestic properties and commercial properties. We can repair all types of roofs.

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